Biography Of A Mathematician

Pick a Mathematician. When you've picked one go to the very bottom of the page and post a comment with the name of your mathematician. Make sure you check who's already been picked before adding your post.


  1. the mathematician should have some connection to either vector algebra or calculus
  2. Isaac Newton is off limits


Search three reliable sources for information about a famous mathematician. Write three paragraphs about that person. Include: birth and death information, basic bio (home town, where educated, etc.), why this person is famous, a math equation linked to this person. Also add an image and the bibliographical information for your sources in APA style (Son of Citation is a site that can create the proper format for you).

I would write your paragraphs in a word processor and save them first. Then click on "Add a page" at the bottom of the menu on the left and copy and paste your bio. Make the title of the page the same as your mathematician.

When you are done add a link to your page in the table below. It would be easiest if you make the link name the same as your page name. If you have trouble adding the link let me know and I will guide you through it.

Requirements / Restrictions

  • One of the resources must be from a journal or magazine. There are many available online through the Thames Valley student resources. Click here to go to the forum message on this topic.
  • You will be required to comment on at least three of the posted biographies. The comment may be extra info about the mathematician, a technical comment on the writing, or something else you think is important for the author or others to know.

Due Date

  • Biography: Mon. Feb. 25
  • Comments: Sat. Mar. 1


Writing Help

Page Link Name
Isaac Newton Trial User
John Wallis Arends
Seki Kowa Nathan B
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Kiefer M
Gerolamo Cardano Curtis D
Leonhard Euler Amanda N
Colin Maclaurin Victoria Banman
Henry White Nikita E
Pythagoras of Samos Geoff P
Augustin Louis Cauchy Remi C
Rene Descartes Stephanie E
George Boole Obeda
Isaac Barrow Malone
Pierre De Fermat Andrew G
Jacques Tits Mathew Waite
Eudoxus Lyndzi-Rae
Leonardo da Vinci Emily Carlaw
David Hilbert Emily McLorn
Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī Adam Barnes
Brahmagupta Lindsay Walker
Jonas Moore Rachel Bruijns
Albert Einstein Paul Gill
Blaise Pascal Mike M
Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss Gabe K
John Charles Fields Chris Nolan
Liu Hui Mitch
Joseph Louis Lagrange Sara Beck

Pick a Mathematician

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