Math Video Assignment

You can work with a partner on this assignment.

Part 1 of this assignment involves finding a math related video. The video should be something that illustrates a theory in math, or that might generate discussion, or create interest in studying math… i.e. something that would be useful to someone teaching math.

When you've found a video put your names in the table below with a title for the video and a link to it

Part 2 - as partners you will evaluate 4 other videos using the rubric which you can download from this link.

Due date: May 27

# Names Video Link
2 A. Nethercott and D. Hope Mathmeticious []
3 Aaron V. Mathematic Genius []
4 Andrew G. & Matt W. What You Know About Math? [ ]
5 Nathan B. 10 steps to a calc problem
6 Curtis D Calculus in 20 min.(shorter)
7 Mikeobeda and Jake Arends Derivative song
8 Lindsay W., Stephanie E., Nikita E Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
10 Toria & Rachel Abbott and Costello 13x7 is 28
11 Remi Casier Calculus: Integrals 1
12 Sara and Shannon Calculus 1.1 Functions For viewing pleasure
13 Kyle and Mike Math Magic
14 Emily Carlaw Maths 911 - Grade 12: Algebra - Calculus
15 Matt Malone
16 Mitch W
17 Kiefer MacKenzie Calculicious!
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